NaRaYa Combines Thai & Japanese Dishes

New name for former Siamese Plate location that still serves Thai and Japanese food

 The Siamese Plate on Folsom Avenue was the first Thai restaurant that I ever visited in Boulder. For years, it was line-out-the-door popular. With cross-fertilization between it and the sushi restaurant downstairs, guests could order sushi upstairs and pad thai downstairs. It was, for a time, so successful that it spawned the Siamese Plate On The  Go that at one point had locations in North Boulder and also Louisville. I don’t know who owned these businesses or what happened to them, but they are all gone.

NaRaYa Thai & Sushi opened late last year in the former Siamese Plate space. The sunken tables are gone, the sink-into couch seating is gone and a sushi bar is in place in back, but Thai is the dominant gene. NaRaYa continues the tradition of offering both Thai and Japanese dishes. The name “Naraya” is well suited for the present incarnation, because it is is the name of both a Thai deity and a Japanese prefecture.  The old sushi space below seems dark, which IMO is no loss since their sushi was mediocre. 

Chicken satay with peanut sauce on the side, found in every Thai restaurant in the West.
Thai basil stir fry of vegetables and tofu.
Chicken curry encircled with steamed broccoli flowerettes.

My husband and I ordered only from the Thai menu, but we saw other diners creating mix-and-match meals from both cuisines. Although I wasn’t knocked out by the food, it was tasty, the service was pleasant and out window table conjured up pleasant memories of my early years in Boulder, when the Siamese Plate ruled. I’m very glad that NaRaYa is in business, and I was happy to see a decent number of diners. The owners, Ratiya Edfors, originally from Chiangmai in northern Thailand, and Pranom Kiatreungwattana, originally from Nonthaburi not for from the Golf of Thailand, both came to the United States as graduate students. Now, these two women are partners in this pleasant Boulder restaurant — Edfors as execuctive chef and “PK”  in charge of the business end.

Price check: On the Thai menu at dinner, appetizers, $4.95-$6.75 (plus $11.75 for a combo platter); soups, $6.55-$8.25; salads, $6.55-$8.75; $9.25-$12.50.

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    1. I’d forgotten the story behind the demise of Siamese Plate and I didn’t embark on any research about them, because this post was about food my husband and I ate at NaRaYa. Exploitation is so ugly.

    2. Today’s ‘Daily Camera’ reported on Opas Sinprasong, former owner of the Siamese Plate & its spin-offs. It included the charges against him, the plea and the punishment, includes a year and a day in federal prison, assorted fines and restitution. See

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