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  1. Jody Berman

    I agree, Claire. I loved my squash soup and the ambiance was pleasant, though the service (chaotic) and menu offerings (more veggie options and better descriptions, please) aren’t where they should be. (Cutting back on the salt would be good, too.) I’ll give Oak another try once its had time to work things out. I want it to succeed.

  2. Andrea Meyer

    Laughed out loud at your description that I “spent a good part of the lunch picking cheese out of the greenery” — hilarious! I will say that the salad was good, and anyone who likes cheese in their salad will love the combination. I’m going to be back to try the squash soup.

    Another friend who went there for happy hour was delighted by the wonderful organic red wine that the bartender recommended to her.

  3. Suzanne Venino

    You nailed it, Claire.

  4. Andy

    Claire, a group of us ate dinner there over the weekend and we were very disappointed. The roasted bass was flavorless and came with about 2 sliced brussel sprouts and about 3 roasted grapes (the grapes were the only good part of this dish). It took forever to get our cocktails and forever to get coffee. We had a better experience with the bread, though, than you did. I found the menu limited, especially regarding veggie options. And the dessert (pineapple tart) sounded better than it actually was – the other dessert choices weren’t compelling at all. The restaurant was packed and noisy. They’ve got a lot of kinks to work out if they’re going to survive. I don’t think they will. Too bad.

  5. Rosemary Carstens

    Claire, based on your review and the comments of others, I am not going to put Oak on my list of “must dos” any time soon. I’d rather spend that kind of money on a place where I can count on good service and splendid food without any disappointments. Maybe later — thanks for filling us in!

  6. Kathleen Christensen

    Oak, Pinyon … waiting for Cottonwood, Juniper, and Ponderosa to open! I love the idea of popcorn over mousse. Thanks for the review!

  7. Michele Weiner-Davis

    Simply, I’d say, “Good, not great.” I will try again, just to make sure.

  8. Michele Weiner-Davis

    The restaurant, not the post, which was great.

  9. Ina Russell

    Funny, SALT also had mishaps and strangenesses when it was new (cold chicken pot pies with no chicken in them for the omnivores at my table, for example, and no spoons for the coffee no matter how we begged the server) — but SALT seems now to be flourishing, so maybe the story is that eager restauranteers are a bit too eager and let the first customers train the wait staff…. I’ll wait for OAK to settle in.

  10. dana

    hi claire. thanks for the review. i am eager to try the new restaurant and will keep your comments in mind.



  11. Dan

    Ina, you’re correct about SALT, and that’s a good point. I don’t think it’s so much that they’re using the first customers for training, or rather, I think that’s the nature of almost any restaurant, there’s a natural learning curve even if the staff is experienced. I think the message here is that Boulder is such a budding foodie town that we’re so excited when a new, potentially “worthy” place opens, that we perhaps expect it to wow us out of the gate. That’s just not all that common, most places have hiccups along the way as they settle in. Oak and Salt and almost every other place just can’t meet that kind of consistent performance right after opening.

  12. Gail Storey

    Claire, thanks for your entertaining and no doubt reliable review of OAK. We plan to go soon, after these kinks have been worked out, and hope they do well in that spot!

  13. Marian Thier

    I trust your writing, experience and food intelligence Claire. Thanks.

  14. Laurel Kallenbach

    I’ll put Oak on the list for sometime, but maybe not until after the holidays…sounds intriguing, though!

  15. Andrea Meyer

    What a wonderful update from your anonymous reader, thanks to both of you for sharing it!

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