Ample Food & Good Tastes at Snooze

Visiting Denver’s pioneering A.M. restaurant in the P.M.

When Snooze An A.M. Eatery opened at 23rd and Larimer in 2006, it ratcheted up the entire Denver breakfast experience. It opened early (6:30 a.m. on weekdays, 7:00 on weekends) and closed at 2:30 p.m., and it still does keep those hours From day one, the food was good and ample, and the retro ’50s space-age decor struck a note. Reviewers enthused. Lines built every morning, especially on weekends and when the Rockies have a day game at home. The restaurant became an important ingredient in the revitalization of Five Points/Ballpark and also such a success that there now are additional Snoozes on North Colorado Boulevard (Congress Park area), at the Streets of SouthGlenn and up in Fort Collins too.

Snooze's logoed T-shirts & other items is one measure the A.M. Eatery's popularity.

We hadn’t been there for quite some time, but leaving downtown Denver after yesterday’s Tuba Christmas concert, we were hungry. We arrived at Snooze shortly before the end of service and were very happy when the family with one whining pre-schooler and one crying toddler left just minutes after we were seated. The noise level has always been an issue at Snooze (maybe the better to wake patrons up — kind of a caffeine-for-the-eardrums boost), but the decibel level produced by two children with healthy lungs and vocal chords, amplified, bordered on painful.

Very cool mid-century design, but hard surfaces make Snooze a noisy place.
Lattes and other coffee drinks are made with beans imported weekly from Guatemala.
Corned beef hash made with finely diced potatoes, mild meat and polbano chiles, plus two eggs over easy and wheat toast.
A pair of thick sweet potato pancakes with caramel sauce, chunked pecans and an orb of butter.

 Price Check: I didn’t grab a menu, and prices are not on the website, but most of the breakfast entrees are under $10.

Click here for a post on a visit to Snooze back in May 2008, if you’re interested. Turns out that I had the sweet potato pancakes then too, with slightly different accompaniments.

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  1. Hubs – Snooze opened in April 2006, and you were there a few months later. It was still such a hot spot that lines were epic, especially on weekends and before Rockies home day games when everyone on the staff was pressured. Once the novelty wore off, I think that problems eased. In my experience (3 visits in 2 1/2 or 3 years, the service has been OK in a Colorado-casual sort of way. I like the food a lot — and there’s always a lot of it. Snooze has been a success story, w/ new ones having opened since your visit and my earlier ones.

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