The Pinyon is Poised to Open

New American restaurant opening on Boulder’s Pearl Street & more Boulder eatery news

Drive-by photo of The Pinyon before opening weekend.

Tomorrow or sometime this weekend, whenever The Pinyon opens to the public, Oak at 14th, which debuted less than a month ago, will no longer be the newest restaurant in town. Theo Adley, whose Colorado credentials include the Flagstaff HouseFrasca and Radda Trattoria in Boulder and Montagna at the Little Nell in Aspen, is serving American food in the upscale mountain mode. He told Westword restaurant critic Laura Shunk, ” “I’m like Jeremiah Johnson with a terrine pan.” He and GM/beverage boss Leorah Young are promising seasonal and local products — in this case including a strong Colorado beverage list. Beers and wines, of course, plus a US-oriented spirits program.

The Pinyon  is opening in the former Bimbamboo space at 1710 Pearl Street, 720-306-8248.

Update Note: We drove by on Friday evening (December 10) and the place looked busy. It was either a soft opening or full-on service. I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to trying yet another new kid on the Boulder restaurant block.

While Oak at 14th is up and running and The Pinyon is in the starting blocks, just waiting for the gun and the “go,” Jordan Wallace’s Pizzeria Locale, just two doors to the west, has hit another sort of block — namely import roadblocks. It appears that this offshoot of Frasca is still waiting for its pizza oven from Italy, which has reportedly been held up in Customs. Pizzeria Locale was slated to open in November. Now, the owner anticipating a January premiere.

Happenings on Arapahoe

I was driving down Arapahoe Avenue this afternoon and spotted an “Opening Soon” sign for Pizzeria Da Lupo in the Village Shopping Center (1515 Arapahoe Avenue) in the same strip as Changes in Latitude and Tokyo Joe’s. Also, a couple of blocks away, the former Dolan’s space at 2319 Arapahoe is becoming something. The trim on the white building has been painted Blockbuster Video blue and yellow. I have no idea what it is going to be.

4 thoughts on “The Pinyon is Poised to Open”

    1. Thanks, Courtney. I had heard that Baclcpountry Pizza was opening a location here in the lowlands, but I didn’t know where. That makes three (3!) new pizzerias coming soon in central Boulder.

  1. Luara B. left the following comment on my Facebook page: “Pinyon opened last night and John, I and a few friends went for the first real fried chicken in Boulder and it was great! See my yelp (; They do have a website, but it’s not finished yet (; I assume Pizzeria Da Lupo is the one opened by Empire Lounge? I thought it was going to be called Empire Pizza, but this is good too – looking forward to it. I believe Dolans is supposed to be a pizza spot too, but more college oriented than top shelf.”

  2. Laura, I think you might be right on about Da Lupo being Empire’s Boulder pizzeria. At one point, the Daily Camera identified the location as “next to Larburger.” I would have written “near Larkburger” or ” close to Larkburger,” so I didn’t make the connection.

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