Post-Thanksigiving Get-Together at Denver Pub

 Friday afternoon following Thanksgiving at the Bull & Bush

I didn’t take pictures of Thanksgiving preparations this year or of the dinner itself. The table looked pretty much as it did last year, but set for 14 rather than 12. The menu consisted of appetizers in the living room, and we moved to the diing room for carrot soup, turkey with mushroom stuffing, gravy, two kinds of cranberry sauce,  mashed and sweet potatoes, green beans, broccoli and three desserts. Tasty and most importantly, congenial — just the way Thanksgiving needs to be.

After that, the congenail pub is a suitable transition to après-holiday reality. Celebrating its 40th birthday this year, the Bull & Bush is the annual destination.  The pub looks the part — half-timber English style that looks even more pub-like when contrasted with the high-rise apartment and condo buildings along Cherry Creek South Drive. The food is classic Anglo-American pub fare, so I’ll insert the images without taking the trouble to lavel them. Hope that’s OK. Beer-lovers rejoiced (again) in the selection, and I (again) found a reasonable wine — an Carmenere, as it turned out. We’re a congenial group, chilling after the year’s biggest feasting holiday, so I overlook the spacy waitrons and uneven service. Below is some of the B&B’s fare. I’m sure we’ll be back next year — same time, same places, same place.

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