Pleasing Pre-Thanksgiving Pizza at BOP

First-time visit to no-longer-new downtown Boulder pizzeria reveals nice pies

Boulder Organic Pizzeria happily epitomizes anti-Domino’s, anti-Blackjack, anti-Pizza Hut pizza making. There’s only one, and it hand-tosses the dough (gluten-free if desired), toppings that can be customized and bakes them to order. The pizzeria calls resulting crust “Boulder-style,” but it’s as close to Neapolitan-style as anything else, thin in middle, thicker on the perimeter with puffed-up dough bubbles. The crust not only tastes really good but it also has a satsifying chewiness. And the flavors are clean, not muddled up with some kind of oily “cheese product” that some chains use. BOP also bakes gluten-free pizzas at no extra charge.

BOP, as it is nicknamed, opened last spring, but it’s taken me months to try it. I’m happy to have  gone there at last. The space bears a slight little resemblance to the Asian restaurants that were former occupants. Banquettes with bright geometric fabric on the banquettes, bare wood tables set with popular condiments and just a couple of abstract pieces on the wall continue that simplicity.

Bright and cheerful colors like this fabric on BOP's banquettes.

Now, the dark ceiling, light lime green walls, drop lights and a small kitchen are still simple, but the geometry magnifies noisy-kid sounds. We ate early, with one particularly loud toddler across the table, but there was no escaping the random screams.  Next time, we’ll go later — and there will be a next time, because the pizza is that good. They do have other dishes, but I go to places with “pizza” or “pizzeriea” in the name for pizza. My husband, Ral, and I had nothing but a shared pizza and a glass of wine apiece. Simple and suitable for a quick bite when serious holiday cooking was soon to happen.

The Bufala is a plain crust with buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and roasted garlic.

 Price check: Appetizers, $3-$13; salads, $4-$8; pasta, $-9-$15; mezzaluna (half calzone, half pizza), $13-$25; pizza, $9-$15 plus build-your-own.

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