Preview Ted’s Montana Grill in Boulder

Local VIPs turn out to welcome Ted Turner & his bison restaurant

The newest location for Ted’s Montana Grill officially opens in Boulder with a ribbon cutting on Monday, but this evening, I went to a preview, along with movers and shakers from the Boulder business community and government leaders — and with Ted Turner himself. I was honored to breathe the same air as Turner, entrepreneur, environmentalist, yachtsman, visionary, world philanthropist and so much more. I was in the back part of the long, thin space that used to house Sunflower and the speeches were happening in the front. Still, it didn’t matter at all that I couldn’t see the speechmakers or even hear what they had to say. I was glad to be there, and if there must be chain outposts in downtown Boulder, I’m happy that they are ones with conscience.

Ted Turner outside of the new Ted's Montana Grill on Pearl Street.

If there is a meat-eteria that is suited to Boulder, eco-oriented Ted’s Montana Grill is it. Bison (a.k.a., buffalo) are more suited to the dry prairie than cattle. Score one of the land itself.  Bison is leaner than beef. Score one of health benefits. The vast North American prairie was home to millions of bison until they were nearly exterminated for sport and “to keep the Indians in line” in the 19th century, and their salvation from near-extinction is a triumph. Score one for history and heritage.  Plus Ted’s Montana Grill, the namesake restaurant chain in which he partners, is big on using recyclable (even if not recycled) products and has adopted Boulder’s single-stream recycling and composting program, very much in keeping with its slogan, “Eat Great. Do Good.”

Imposing trophy head mounted on exposed brick

I had “met” the menu at the Ted’s Montana Grill location at Larimer and 14th in Denver, so this preview was a chance to get reacquainted with them. I never did get a photo of the onion rings, one of the signature items, but I can affirm that they were thick-cut, hot and crisp. The horseradish dipping sauce had a little kick. 

Moist bison cheeseburgers (designated with a US flag) on ciabatta, cut into quarters ad a passed hors d'oeuvre.
Nachos made with bison chili, pepper jack cheese, tomato, scallions and sour cream.
The VIP-est of the VIPs: Chairman Ted Turner, Ted Turner Jr., CEO George NcKerrow, ???? and another ????, in the order in which they arranged themelves in fromt of the new restaurant.

Price check: Starters, $3-$12; entrée salads, $9-$14; “The Classics”  (entrées), $15-$24; burgers, $8-$12 for beef ; steaks and prime rib, $21-$24 for beef and $25-$29 for bison. 

Ted's Montana Grill on Urbanspoon The new Ted’s Montana Grill is at 1701 Pearl St., Boulder. I don’t have a phone number yet.

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  1. The sliders were great. The event was way crowded and way to dressed up for what is essentially a steak house in Boulder (which, in itself, is an oxymoron).

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