The Place for Pierogis

The Eggcredible Café serves comfort food with an eastern European twist at breakfast and lunch.

You can get scrambled eggs and waffles and pancakes and French toast and and breakfast burritos and various versions of eggs Benedict in just about any breakfast place around. But the only one I know of to get pierogis, those fantastic filled dumplings from Poland, is the Eggcredible Café on the second floor of the Days Inn on South Boulder Road. Last weekend was wetter than a hunting dog who’s just fetched a duck, so hiking was out of the question. Eating, however, is never out of the question, so we had a late breakfast at this fastidious restaurant. Call it brunch if you wish.
Guests are seated at sturdy oak tables and chairs in this light airy restaurant with unusual decorative elements. If the owners were not Eastern European, Polish in fact, whose cultural tastes run to bright folk-art colors, small designs and flowers, I’d call the decor “old lady.” But in Poland, that aesthetic pleases the eyes of young and old alike, and it pleased me too. The traditional dress and fringed scarf pinned to one wall probably belonged to a family member. In addition to the high ceiling, there are enormous windows looking southeast to Boulder Open Space.

I had to have the pierogis, which come nine to an order — all strawberry, all blueberry, all vanilla farmer’s cheese or a a plate with three of each. They circle a cup of fresh fruit, alternating with little squirts of cinnamon-sprinkled whipped cream, which melt really fast. In fact, I wonder whether it was real whipped cream or ersatz, but it spread out like the Wicked Witch of the West into a white pool before I even made a dent in the fruit.

The pierogis are heavenly. The dough is soft as fresh, home-made noodles. It is filled and folded, not unlike a wonton, boiled and served. Of the three excellent fillings, the vanilla farmer’s cheese was my favorite — probably because of its strong resemblance to the sweet-cheese-filled Austrian Palatschinken of my childhood.

My husband likes pancakes, eggs, bacon and butter, so The Sunrise was a no-brainer — two pancakes, two eggs (he asked for them over easy) and strips of bacon (sausage patties are an option) with a goodly portion of home-made honey butter and a twist of fresh orange on top.
Price check: Breakfast entrées, $6.29-$9.89; sides, 75 cents to $2.99.

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