Wild-Looking Raclette Maker

In Europe, I’ve had racelette made with cheese that was melted on an open fire, which is the old-fashioned way. I’ve had raclette from a maker that holds a half-wheel of cheese vertically, cut side up, with an electric heat element that melts it from above. I’ve had raclette made on one of those combination raclette maker/grill machines that are sold in the US. But I’ve never seen a raclette device like this orange octopus! I spotted it in an appliance store window in Adelboden (in Europe, a village of 3,000 souls can still support its own local appliance retailer). Designed for home use, it melts single portions of raclette cheese in six little individual trays. Like a fondue pot, it encourages diners to sit around a table, congenially melting and eating a cheese specialty.