Food Blogs Showcased at Conference

First a disclaimer: I am not at BlogHer, a just-concluded conference for women bloggers — or blogging women. I do love the idea that there is a session just on food blogging, which in the context of the community of bloggers is called foodblogging.

I was intrigued by the session description, because it led me to some interesting food blogs I hadn’t known about before. I was cheered the notion that a key speaker on foodblogging has the middle (and presumably maiden) name of “Fish.” And I was struck by the irony that this session was sponsored by Butterball, a branded product that should be convicted of turkey (and turkey-eater) abuse because the birds are injected with a mixture of fat, broth, water and “flavor enhancers” that are supposed to make the meat juicier and give it more taste (which I suppose it does if fat and salt are your idea of taste) and creates a weird, unnatural texture. The session description read:

The Art of Foodblogging
Few blogging communities are as passionate, connected and consistent as foodbloggers. We’ll hear from a diverse group of foodbloggers as they dish about how they started following this passion online, what has surprised them (good and bad) about foodblogging and the foodblogging community, what they’ve learned about food, cooking, blogging and technology since they became dedicated foodbloggers, and how foodblogging and its community of
bloggers and readers has affected their offline lives and perspectives. Last year
Shuna Fish Lydon told us how blogging has changed her world from the audience of our Opening Session. We’ve brought her back to tell us more, along with other great foodbloggers like Jasmine from Cardamom Addict, Nupur Kittur, Susan Voisin from Fatfree Vegan Kitchen and Alanna Kellogg. Kalyn Denny will be on hand to make sure that everyone in the room contributes, like a “Stone Soup” of a conversation.
This session is sponsored by Butterball.

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  1. In reponse to my comment about Butterball being a sponsor on, blogger Anne-Marie Nichols posted the following:

    We actually discussed that in the food blogging session, since two of the panelists are vegetarians (one of them a vegan). Everyone on the panel was asked if they minded talking at a session that Butterball sponsored. They all felt that having a sponsorship would help make the conference more accessible (cheaper) to everyone. Plus no one was going to go out and eat turkey all of a sudden.

    If there is a food blogging session next year, I hope they’ll choose a company (or rather, be approached by one) that specializes in organic and free trade food items, especially since the BlogHer Act’s focus is on global health.

    What really pissed me off was the Curves cereal and snack bars from General Mills in our goodie bags and as sponsors. Nothing against General Mills (and the bars were awful tasting) but I don’t like Curves. The owner of Curves gives a lot of money to radical anti-abortion groups. The feminist community knows that, but I don’t think the BlogHer people did.

    I’m still processing the conference, so I’m not sure if and when I’ll post. I’m swamped with writing obligations and there’s no food in the house. My family ate all the salad, spinach, eggs and brown rice while I was gone. (Why they couldn’t have finished the bacon and cheese is beyond me.) Luckily, the raspberry bushes are producing well, so I have fruit. But even the kids are out of juice. Thank goodness for Longmont Dairy – at least we’ll have milk and OJ in the house tomorrow.

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