First Bite at Aji

Aji is Boulder’s newest South American restaurant

My husband and a friend an I took advantage of the great prices during the First Bite Boulder promotion to visit Aji Restaurant, a South American restaurant east of the Pearl Street Mall and a few blocks from our home. The food was wonderful, the portions ample and the price appealing. For a review, please go to my website’s Dining Diary.

Beyond our own satisfying meal, I have to sing the praises of cities and participating restaurateurs that team up to offer well-priced meals for a special week each year. Denver does a Restaurant Week each February, following the lead of such culinary meccas as San Francisco and Seattle. Whatever these promotional weeks are called and whenever they fall on the calendar, they provide an opportunity for diners to try places they haven’t been or to return to a favorite without running up a huge bill.

2 thoughts on “First Bite at Aji”

  1. Aji has become one of my favorite Schmooze locations and is very popular with Schmooze regulars. It’s got a lovely space for dining outdoors, even though it’s at a fairly busy intersection. Their ceviches are wonderful and very inexpensive at happy hour.

  2. I look forward to Schmoozing at Aji sometime. When my husband and I went there for dinner just after New Year’s, they weren’t serving ceviche that evening. The First Bite Boulder version was delicious but heavier on veggies and lighter on fish than I’m used to — but perhaps that is because I was in Chile so recently.

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