Surprise: Another ‘Culinary Colorado’

Every once in a while, I Google the titles of my books. When I did so for Culinary Colorado this morning, up popped a blog that included a blog entry called “Culinary Colorado and Coconut Crawfish Soup.” What a surprise — and what a delight to read the bloggers’ comments about some of our restaurants and our foods. Go to to read what I did and see the wonderful food photographs.

One thought on “Surprise: Another ‘Culinary Colorado’”

  1. I left a comment on on the ‘delicious days’ blog, and happily got this response — not on my blog but via E-mail. Since I am eager to prime the pump on my own blog, I share it here:

    “Hello Claire, Oliver and I definitely have a thing for Colorado, how could we not – after such a great time that we had there. We can’t wait to visit again, a lot of new culinary highlights are already on our wish list. Good luck with your blog!”

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